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About Us

We offer handmade weighted blankets, lap pads, neck wraps, and more in the weight you or your loved one needs. Offering these weighted products to you is the result of our own dear ones finding the soothing comfort in our handmade minky weighted blankets, lap pads, and neck wraps and wanting others to experience the same results, thus Soothing Weight was born. We sincerely hope you find the soothing comfort that many others have found using our products.

Our Story

As an infant, one of our dear little girls suffered from frequent kidney infections which resulted in very high fevers for the first few years of her life. An experienced pediatric doctor finally pinpointed the problem and was able to surgically correct the physical cause, but the damaging heat from her many fevers caused irreversible damage. Not realizing the extent, time passed and she was diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder along with being academically disabled.  These were some of the long term affects that surfaced as a result of her fevers.

In our search for the help she needed, we noticed she didn’t sleep well at night and that she would pile on the blankets at bedtime. Even if made her hot, she would not remove them. It seemed she felt more secure with the weight they produced. We had heard of weighted blankets and this sparked a little research project into the simple science that makes a weighted blanket beneficial.

With a natural gift for sewing and a lot of effort to source the perfect fabrics and supplies, we were able to create a beautiful minky weighted blanket for her. This provided two significant benefits: the soothing weight that helped her relax and rest better and it provided a luxuriously soft blanket to the touch, which is so important to those with sensory needs. It was love at first sight! She has never been a night without it unless she wanted someone else to try it so they could see how wonderful it is – at her expense of course.

Her learning disabilities caused her anxiety in the classroom, so in view of the wonderfully success of a weighted blanket in her life, we developed a weighted lap pad made from the same smooth minky fabric to see if it would help her cope with what she felt in the classroom. She again found relief in that soothing something she could discreetly caress in her stressful moments. It doubles up as an “under pillow buddy” at night for her hands to caress as she settles under her weighted blanket.

Next we made a weighted neck wrap also known as a weighted scarf which she wears at home when she is doing her homework after school as she sits in the over-stuffed chair. The comfort she has found in these non-chemical products has truly been marvelous.

Her success led us down the path of creating more of these handcrafted weighted blankets, lap pads, and neck wraps for other dear ones with a variety of sensory needs – a little boy who was diagnosed with autism, another with Down’s Syndrome, another suffering from restless leg syndrome - each seeming to find the same soothing results as she did.

Know that each weighted blanket, weighted lap pad, or weighted neck wrap you purchase is handcrafted with the same loving care as the ones crafted for our own family and friends. We hope you enjoy!

This is not medical advice. This is based off of true-life experience. Contact your doctor or therapists in regards to your specific needs for weighted blankets, lap pads and neck wraps.

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