Weighted Blanket for Adults – Soothing Weight
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Weighted Blanket for Adults

Providing a premium weighted blanket for adults that is easy to use and care for has been one of our engineering feats!  Our weighted blankets are one piece.  There are no bulky duvet covers.  They are washer and dryer safe!  The weighted media (glass micro beads) is quilted in small squares across the entire blanket to provide even weight distribution.

Many adults have found help and relief when using a weighted blanket.  Usually 10% of an individuals body weight, a weighted blanket Stimulates the brain to tell the body to produce serotonin, which is commonly known as the "rest and digest" hormone - often helping people suffering from anxiety, ADHD, insomnia and other psychological issues.

A weighted blanket is not a cure, but a tool to help those needing to de-stress, relax and get better sleep.  We can provide the custom weight you need to get the most out of your weighted blanket.  We sincerely hope you enjoy a better life with a Soothing Weight Weighted Blanket.

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Minky Dot Weighted Blanket
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Western Minky Weighted Blanket
From $90.00
Minky Weighted Blanket 15-28 LBS Full Midnight Blue
From $270.00
Glowing Constellation Weighted Blanket
From $90.00
Minky Weighted Blanket 5-12 LBS Travel Size Silver
From $126.00
Minky Weighted Unicorn Blanket
From $90.00
Sensory Weighted Blanket & Lap Pad Bundle
From $135.00
Minky Weighted Octopus Blanket
From $200.00
57 results
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