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Q. How heavy should my weighted blanket be?

Q. What size (dimensions) should my weighted blanket be?

Q. What do you use to create the weight in your weighted blankets?

Q. Can Soothing Weight blankets be used as a warm blanket?

Q. Are Soothing Weight blankets duvet style or two pieces?

Q. Are your weighted blankets washer and dryer safe?

Q. Can a weighted blanket be harmful?

Q. Who can use a weighted blanket?

Q. Do weighted blankets cure anxiety, PTSD, etc.?

Q. What conditions have been found to be alleviated by using a weighted blanket?

Q. How quickly can i get my weighted blanket?

Q. Do you do custom orders?

Q. Do you offer expedited orders?

Q. How are your products shipped?

How to Choose Your Soothing Weight Blanket

Choosing Your Soothing Weight Blanket

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