Custom Weighted Blankets, Lap Pads & Neck Wraps for Kids & Adults – Soothing Weight

Why Choose Soothing Weight Blankets

Because You Need A Soothing Hug And A Good Nights Sleep!

Soothing Weight blankets are engineered to mould to your body with just enough pressure to soothe your tired, worn out self and promote the best sleep you've had in a long time!

What Makes Our Weighted Blankets So Special?

Each weighted blanket, lap pad and neckwrap are....

➡️Handcrafted from start to finish and custom made just for you in the USA.

➡️Made with certified top quality fabrics sourced from USA suppliers.

➡️Weighted with silica-free glass microbeads that are made in the USA.

➡️Evenly quilted so the glass beads are in small sections across the entire blanket.

➡️ Offered in a wide range of sizes for kids and adults.

➡️Customized to the weight you need - not limited to standard weights.

➡️ONE PIECE.  No clumsy duvets or covers.

➡️Washer and Dryer safe

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