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Why Choose Soothing Weight Blankets

Because They are Handcrafted Just for You

Each Soothing Weight blanket or garment is crafted just for you from start to finish at our facility in the USA! Family owned and operated in Utah, our staff consists of dedicated individuals who have each been a part of a positive weighted blanket experience. This knowledge coupled with a love for sewing has made it possible for us to offer beautifully handcrafted weighted blankets and garments that will provide years of soothing comfort.

Every Soothing Weight product is created in our clean, smoke-free shop with the finest fabrics and threads on the market. The weight is provided by sewing non-toxic poly pellets into little pouches created by sewing columns and then rows into our products. This produces an even weight distribution across the whole product rather than the weight falling from side to side as has been the problem some have had with commercial gravity blankets.

Due to the handmade nature of every Soothing Weight item, it takes approximately 3 weeks to process an order. Knowing how anxious one can feel as they wait, we make every effort possible to get your weighted blanket or garment made and shipped out as quickly as possible. As you wait, feel the satisfaction that you will receive an American made product handcrafted just for you!